Our investigation team is led by an experienced former law enforcement professional and includes dedicated and skilled analysts with specific country experience and knowledge of a variety of cyber and IT intelligence gathering processes. We use their skills to provide a strong basis for our investigations.

To this we add our extensive global network of trusted and vetted human sources to provide an enhanced and bespoke investigation service.  This allows us to gather relevant and up to date intelligence in a number of jurisdictions; whilst also enabling us to both meet a client’s objectives and often identify new lines of investigation.

Our team of senior advisors provide additional insight and assistance with our investigation either directly or indirectly through their own contacts throughout the world.

By using this as a basis for investigation we are able to then refine it to address a variety of investigative scenarios that include:

Litigation & International Arbitration Support

We support clients engaged in complex, high value, multi-jurisdictional cases stemming from commercial litigation, arbitration, cross-border fraud and corruption.


We investigate incidents of fraud, corruption, bribery and extortion arising anywhere in the world, utilising our law enforcement and intelligence expertise.


Our work often begins when clients suspect wrongdoing but have insufficient evidence to take action.


Working closely with clients we obtain intelligence and evidence in relation the assets held by a third party.