Our team works closely with our intelligence and cyber experts on fraud, corruption, bribery and extortion investigations, as well as leaks of sensitive information.

We are able to conduct investigations anywhere in the world, combining our extensive network of sources and our skills in finding relevant but often inaccessible public records. Our aim is to gather evidence that can shape a client’s legal case and be admitted as part of legal proceedings. Our work frequently involves identifying witnesses and tracing assets.

We also conduct internal investigations where criminal or improper activity is suspected but not yet proven. These might arise as a result of whistleblower allegations or unexplained leaks of confidential information. We compile evidence that allows our clients to determine a swift but prudent course of action.

White Collar Crime

We investigate incidents of fraud, corruption, bribery and extortion arising anywhere in the world, utilising our law enforcement and intelligence expertise.

Information Leaks

We conduct investigations into leaks of confidential or price-sensitive information, often involving forensic analysis of big data.

Internal Investigations

Our work often begins when clients suspect wrongdoing but have insufficient evidence to take action.

Asset Profiling

Working closely with the relevant authorities, we help to trace lost or stolen assets and repatriate them to their rightful owners.